Relationships… Help for Couples

                … finding hope in every difficult situation  

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 Do you ever wonder…  what to do when your relationship feels unsteady?

Or how to start a difficult conversation skillfully?

How to manage conflict so that your relationship is protected and strengthened?

So what to do?

All couples hit uncomfortable, unsteady points and painful times of transition in their relationship, so you are far from alone. The choice in front of you is whether you will grow closer or further apart as you try to work it out.

When you each have the courage to look honestly into what has broken down, you will find that each of you has work to do on changing your own contribution to the present struggle.  Working together with an experienced therapist, it will take both of you to work through and to build a different way of living together that  works.


“Does couples counseling really work?” …

This is a common question for many couples who are considering therapy to help them through a challenging situation or long-standing problem.

Yes, often couples therapy works in ways that nothing else has worked.  What it takes is a skilled therapist who is trained to see how the nature of a couple’s interaction reflects certain problems and solutions, and a couple willing to commit to at least 6 months of showing up, willing to change and learn about their own part in the problems at hand, willing be curious more than critical about their partner, and willing to do what it takes to restore or create a relationship that works for both of you. 

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Couples’ Therapy will help you learn how to:

  • Increase intimacy, respect and affection

  • Discuss and resolve conflict in a productive way

  • Notice and change your defensive barriers to uncomfortable communication

  • Develop a communication style between you that is safe, open and clear

  • Receive and offer feedback with an open mind

  • Listen carefully and understand your partner’s experience

  • Increase each others’ happiness

  • Develop a shared Relationship Vision by which to live together

Restoration takes time and effort. It is both possible and worth it.  How a couple works through troubles in a relationship will determine the resiliency and happiness of their future together. 

It is that important..

The goal of couples’ therapy is to develop a conscious, intimate relationship in which conflict leads to greater mutual understanding and positive resolution for both partners. 

If you’re in, I am here to be in it with you.  We will find a new way through.