.  .  .  finding hope in every difficult situation

From despair to hope….

Loss . . depression, confusion, hurt, anxiety, transition, divorce, anger, addiction . .  .

The pain of suffering with these and other life issues, often brings a person to seek help. Our natural instinct, when hurt, angry or hopeless, is to build walls around our heart.  Walls of self-protection that separate us from others. The loneliness of it all can feel overwhelming. and the anger or depression may seem relentless.

Hopelessness settles in.

As we become isolated, worry more, talk less, become despairing, angry, unforgiving, depressed and anxious,  we often do more of the very things that are NOT working already. . . . what else could we do?

Hope starts when we begin to speak out loud about what we have experienced in order to find the truth in it.

And yet, those walls of protection now keep out the very desire and curiosity that are needed for healing.  Instead of growing into a new way of life, understanding and action..  you find that only the painful circumstances grow.

And yet, our human capacity to heal is truly remarkable… 

Hope grows when you shine the light of curiosity and desire into what is causing you to suffer, it becomes more possible to change what you can.

Hope grows as you work with a therapist who brings her experience, skill, compassion, and sense of possibility into your life.

Hope grows when you feel safe talking to someone who believes in your ability to truly change and grow.

I look forward to talking with you soon. We can do this.

seeds-of-lightHope is always available to us. When we feel defeated, we need only take a deep breath, look at one another and say, “Yes,” and hope will reappear.    

~Monroe Forester

Remember. . . it doesn’t have to be that way.