Beyond Anger Management . . .

If you struggle to handle yourself well when angry, we offer two one-day educational groups that will help you learn to think, and respond, differently: (1) Beyond Anger Management and      (2) Inside Out.

pauseBeyond Anger Management: Strong anger takes over our thinking.  We say and do things that increase conflict rather than resolution for us.  We fall into blame, accusations, and attitude all the while expecting to be heard by the one we are accusing!  Sadly although anger can feel like a justified release, we generally lose rather than gain the very choices we want.  If you see this in your life, this workshop will help.

Beyond Anger Management:  An in-depth look into the emotion of anger and how it is working either for or against you in your life.  Participants learn how to get free from the bondage of their own Angry_Man-231x300anger, establish goal-directed thinking, and respond to anger in constructive ways that enable communication. This popular one-day course is approved for court-required anger management referrals.  It is offered twice each month, on the first and third Saturdays (Glen Burnie and Columbia) at a cost of $300, certificate of completion included.

Each workshop is comprised of six parts, giving people the  necessary tools to live well with one another. Families, couples, churches, parents, teens, organizations, employers, etc, have found these workshops to be beneficial.

Go to for more information or to register.

Inside Out:  Focuses on personal relational skills that allow you to handle hurt and anger constructively in a partnership or marriage with one another, and when sought, seek a deeper intimacy. This workshop is a great communication ‘jump start’ for either individual or couples’ therapy, and it  is useful on its own.

blk coupleOffered in a group format, this  When a group contacts us, such as a church group, parent’s group, or other group, this workshop will be customized and scheduled according to your needs.

Contact Ed Jansen at 410-991-2581 for more information on Inside Out programs.