Mindfulness with Trish Gaffney


Community of Heart

Body Leading Quiet

Deeper Release

Abiding Spirit Within

Tonglen On the Spot

Tonglen: Joining With

Living Loving Kindness

Compassion: Tonglen Practice

Self Compassion Receptive Awareness

Self Compassion – Forgiveness

Compassion in Difficulty

Self Compassion

Mindful Awareness


Body Scan

Keeping Quiet Stillness

Mindful Gratitude: What is Received

Mindful Gratitude: What is Given

Meditation: Cultivating Heartspace

Beginner’s Mind – Gratitude

Meditation: Beginner’s Mind – Noticing Anew

Meditation: Lake Meditation

Meditation: Noticing – Beginner’s Mind

Meditation: Fear of Falling Apart

Meditation: Present Moment

Meditation: Non Duality – Just This

Meditation: Non Duality – Significant Relationship

Meditation: Pandemic forward inter-being

Meditation: Thought Envelops

Meditation: Non Dualism – Criticism and Curiosity

Meditation: Non Dualism – Truth is in between

Meditation: Non Dualism – Jesus’ Response

Meditation: Non Dualism – Bankai Student

Meditation: Grace Under Pressure

Meditation: Simply Breathing with Anxiety

Meditation: Mindfulness Practice

Meditation: Heart Center

Meditation: Loving Kindness

Meditation: Stillness of Spirit

Meditation: Mindfulness….you have arrived

Meditation: Gratitude

Meditation: A Resurrected Life

Meditation: The Freedom of Yes

Meditation: Mind – Welcoming

Meditation: Mind – Sticky Thoughts

Meditation: Letting Go

Meditation: Stillness – Body

Meditation: Fear and Steadiness

Meditation: A Lenten Psalm

Meditation: The Swan

Guided meditation with instruction