Mindfulness with Trish Gaffney


Everyday Silent Awareness

Practicing Focused Awareness

St. John’s Rabbit

Spiritual Malware Scan

Prayerfully Standing Guard

Stay with the Breath

Craving and Release

Transforming Anger

Welcoming Anger

The Furies


Cultivating Heart Attention



Deeply Spiritual

Prayer of the Heart

Freedom, Ego and Spirit

Freedom, Embracing

Freedom of the Heart

Community of Heart

Body Leading Quiet

Deeper Release

Abiding Spirit Within

Tonglen On the Spot

Tonglen: Joining With

Living Loving Kindness

Compassion: Tonglen Practice

Self Compassion Receptive Awareness

Self Compassion – Forgiveness

Compassion in Difficulty

Self Compassion

Mindful Awareness


Body Scan

Keeping Quiet Stillness

Mindful Gratitude: What is Received

Mindful Gratitude: What is Given

Meditation: Cultivating Heartspace

Beginner’s Mind – Gratitude

Meditation: Beginner’s Mind – Noticing Anew

Meditation: Lake Meditation

Meditation: Noticing – Beginner’s Mind

Meditation: Fear of Falling Apart

Meditation: Present Moment

Meditation: Non Duality – Just This

Meditation: Non Duality – Significant Relationship

Meditation: Pandemic forward inter-being

Meditation: Thought Envelops

Meditation: Non Dualism – Criticism and Curiosity

Meditation: Non Dualism – Truth is in between

Meditation: Non Dualism – Jesus’ Response

Meditation: Non Dualism – Bankai Student

Meditation: Grace Under Pressure

Meditation: Simply Breathing with Anxiety

Meditation: Mindfulness Practice

Meditation: Heart Center

Meditation: Loving Kindness

Meditation: Stillness of Spirit

Meditation: Mindfulness….you have arrived

Meditation: Gratitude

Meditation: A Resurrected Life

Meditation: The Freedom of Yes

Meditation: Mind – Welcoming

Meditation: Mind – Sticky Thoughts

Meditation: Letting Go

Meditation: Stillness – Body

Meditation: Fear and Steadiness

Meditation: A Lenten Psalm

Meditation: The Swan

Guided meditation with instruction


Life Application with Ed Jansen


Celebrate What’s Right with the World

Criticism and Encouragement


Healing a Sarcastic and Critical Spirit

When Is a Pandemic Over?

The Next Global Agricultural Revolution

How Stress Affects Your Brain

How Fast Can a Vaccine Be Made?

A Rite of Passage for Later in Life

The Wise Teacher


Flower and Weeds

The Beatitudes

Moral Luck

Cracked Pots


Benedictine Rule of Life

Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) on Mother Earth

Thich Nhat Hanh (Thay) on Non Violence

The Good We Do

Psalm 139:1-16

Puppies for Sale

A Group of Frogs

Romans 12:4-21

Puppies For Sale

The Blind Girl

The Good and Evil Within

Cognitive Dissonance

Curiosity and Judgement


Wet Paint, Do Not Touch

The American Dream

Two Lumberjacks

Kitty Kat Just Died

The Story of the Two Wolves

Meditation: People Pleasing

Meditation: A Priest and a Nun

Meditation: Gitter Done

Meditation: The Monk and the Scorpion

Meditation: You Spot It You Got It

Meditation: Seeking Help in Time of Need

Meditation: Potatoes, Eggs or Coffee Beans

Meditation: Living in the Present Moment

Meditation: Desiderata

Meditation: Living a Life of Grace

Meditation: Needing to Be Right

Meditation: Be Still and Know that I AM God

Meditation: Do We Really Want to Go Back to Normal?

Meditation: The Life of a Lumberjack

Meditation: Non Dualism

Meditation: Galileo and the Church

Meditation: Power and Injustice

Meditation: Those Who Do Justice

Meditation: Chain of Love

Meditation: Let It Be

Meditation: Curiosity and Anger

Meditation: Walls and Bridges

Meditation: God Loves You Just the Way You Are

Meditation: Imagine

Meditation: Caged Bird

Meditation: A Drop in the Ocean

Meditation: Not My Will, But Yours Be Done

Meditation: Suffering

Meditation: Psalm 139:1-12

Meditation: Changing Our Perspective

Meditation: The Great Mathematician

Meditation: The Pony