Individual Therapy

… finding hope in every difficult situation.


Is it time to seek an individual therapist? 

The time for individual therapy is when you need new ways to move in a positive direction. It is a place where you can grow, learn to navigate hard-to-manage situations and feelings and make different choices that work for you. 

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Are you struggling with major changes in life or relationships?

Are you experiencing persistent anxiety or deepening depression? 

Are you struggling with past trauma that is still affecting your life today?  

Are you coping with losses you never expected to experience?  

In trying to resolve these problems yourself, do you find that you keep coming around to the same feeling of being stuck, confused, or misunderstood?

These are just some of the reasons why you might look for an experienced therapist, and you’re not alone in hesitating when it comes to taking steps toward change and healing. In individual therapy you will find a safe place to explore painful issues with guidance and compassion.

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We will work together to create the  life changes that matter to you the most. I will help you to see the patterns in your personal history —  patterns of coping and development, in significant relationships, present experience and hopes for change.  We will work to move being obstacles in your life and transform them so that you come to see things, including yourself, your choices, your strengths and struggles, in a different and more hopeful way.  

 Although we share many human struggles in common, the approach to change is unique for each individual. I am deeply committed to helping you to make those changes, and I will tailor our sessions to your unique needs.

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How do I get started?

When you make an initial appointment I will ask you to complete a confidential Intake Form. designed to collect  information about your life history and self-perception in a consolidated way.  You would bring this with you to our first meeting.


Generally sessions are scheduled once per week at a regular time that is mutually available.  If you want to get started, just call me!

Remember . . . it really doesn’t have to be this way.